Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What’s Next for Top innovators

What’s interesting is that how large companies such as Amazon, AOL, Yahoo and now soon Google and Microsoft are planning to go neck to neck with Datacenters and create there own virtual hosting environments. For instance Microsoft twill be introducing by end of the 2007 there own similar to Amazon’s S3 and EC2 platform that will be available thought the world.

Unfortunately they are so wrap top in selling there new productions that they are not interested providing good and unsets solutions for companies like us.
I think what they are providing and where they want to be is absolutely a right direction, but if it will work for mid or large sized organizations is questionably.

What’s amazing is that most of this companies that Roman and I had a chance to interview are all scaling it out and not scaling up (going horizontal way AND NOT vertical way) which is great.

Another thing that Amazon is proposing is to lease their fulfillment locations same way that they are offering hoisting of the components and web services.
For instance you could ship your products to Amazon where houses and they will full fill it for you with simple web service integration.

Some times I wonder what took them so long to realize that they must get in to this space and start compete with datacenters for small and in some mid size organizations.

In nutshell this will most certainly benefit Microsoft and other large organizations that have huge amount of web farms all over the world and they only utilize them during the high picks, and it will most certainly will benefit companies that are content driven or in some way a simple data driven web applications and not the once that are more complicated that require constant data access and data algorisms based on user behavior.
It could also be great for mid size non profits that host content based sites.

Microsoft Live engineer had mentioned that they have 37,000+ web servers (he was not specific how many database servers) this gives you a good idea that they have a lots and lots of space that they are not utilizing all the time and some how they need to start generating revenue from hard wears that just sit there for high spicks, while they are not been utilized during the low seasons.

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