Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday Keynote 4-18-07

Grocery store tagging video. Supermarket 2.0
Opening video

David weiner
Exec VP Yahoo Search Network Marketing

Connect consumers to what they value most and then work with their advertising division.

Different behavior – networked individualism. Individuals are part of the community. Connecting all their assets.

“Google is running circles around you” – we are within our expectations and happy with our performance.

Yahoo is the largest network on the web. The hit half a billion users on the web.

He talked often about “Panama” their new advertising platform they launched in January.

Rich Skrenta – CEO Topix
They didn’t set out to be local. But it was driving most of their growth.

They had advertising but not enough local news…
Go to the blogs? They didn’t pay enough attention to local news,
Could they create local news from the users? Yes. They set up forums for every town in America and let people discuss local news. They often went back and forth on issues. They content is often gossip or political oriented.

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