Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Create your own widget

Check out Widget Box www.Widgetbox.com I love how seamlessly integrate there widgets in to MySpace and other social sites. It lets users choose or create there own custom widget that with in two clicks they can post it at one of there partners site or you could just take Java Scrip and include in to your own site.

Thumbs Up I like them.

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Roman said...

I actually looked into this before. It is nice idea and has very cool widgets, however has one small problem. In order to use any of the widgets you'll need to install a widget sidebar. Sort of like Vista but for webpages. So they are sort of forcing you to use their own bar if you want to use the widgets submitted to their service. This idea makes them look like middle man in this whole "open source" process. We can benefit from their site though by getting cool ideas about widgets that were already created by someone else and just expand on it.