Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Data storage at innovators' expense

Earlier I talked about how top innovators such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and AOL are getting in to web hoisting business. What I want to add to this is the great opportunity they might be providing for small, mid level or large organizations that should not be overlooked.

Amazon is getting in to web and data storage business. For instance websites could be storing images on Amazon services and leverage there storage capabilities same goes for back up storage (Data Storage) this could provide very cheap solution for storing a data that you do not need to get to right the way in case there is an issue or archiving your data is the best.

I believe Microsoft will be getting in to this as well as other large leading companies quite soon. Amazon is starting to do that for physical products which they could full fill for you at any given time but storing this web archives might be very interesting solution.
Smugmug has been using Amazon’s S3 services for Storage and they are claming that they have been saving $500K per year.

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