Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Trying to Post via Moibile

But it's a little crazy. Listening to the day 2 of Keynotes.
The official party is this evening.
Came out of an interesting lecture - albeit a little bizarre - from this guy (Robert Howe).
Talking about vioce mashups - using Amazon mechanical turks to funnel voice/phone/mobile requests for information to the right people/person for answers.

I immediately think of MOD Ask Us. Rather than just sms'ing a question in - combo it as a voice request - via xml sending response back (is your question related to x, y, z, etc). User states "x'.
Send them or voice back a more specific list related to the answer to their Q.

send sms or email of FAQs while their particular Q is being read and answered.

Then - what if we did something like this for Walk registration??

send SMS to 12345
"I wanna Register"

We respond via sms - where do you want to walk? (zipcode/state/city,state)
User: voice or text

and continue via sms/voice.


Roman said...

Yes I agree 100%. We should definetly look into doing this. As I walk from conf to conf, you can really start to see that every one of the conferences and everyone of the technologies somehow impliments mobile into the architecture. Just like Susan mentioned we can use this technology for about us, walksite lookup, event registration over phone, mod search, walkamerica progress bar status lookup, and 99.9% over the phone donations to both MOD and WA systems. I think we should definetly brain storm this a bit at one of our secret meetings. :)

Susan said...

Yeah, those secret meetings!