Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bridging Mobile to Web via Voice

create an open end aopplication platform - building
voice xml - W3C

directory assistance
anything you want to do on a phone - you can do on this platform

from any phone in world - dial #, say what you want - and get it.
(like google sms)

Phone today - about as powerful as IBM thinkpad in '96
you're walking around with a thinkpad in your pocket now.

voice portal has been a service with speach recognition.
now enhancing with a visual component

Now you can ask for businesses - and get it in a completely automated way and is completely free.

(dial it - check it out!)

really - check this out!

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Susan said...

tragically, in practive, this service wasn't so great. In fact, I'm surprised at how "not so great" it actually was.

Other voice recognition menu-ing (such as verizon, etc) work *much* better than this.

Limited to walled garden menu.
ambient noise disrupts system dramatically.