Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Authentication app.
Bald guy at the podium - kinda cute

user enter username
user sees image - instead of passwords - passwords linked to images. Passwords link to Human level cognition . But you need a dongle / smartcard??
They just lost me.


but oh - they can incorporate brand imagery in the image grid. that's interesting.
Share sponsorhip revenue with reliant parties.

So it's a bizarre openid.
secutiry with reveniue stream.

someone will try to get an invitation code at their booth these last two days.


Roman said...

The guy was definetly cute. lol.
As cool as their system might seem, i think its not ready yet. For one it has implimentation costs. Second, whats stops the hackers to do research on the victim and find out what the victim is interested in, what categories the victim likes. Hello social engineering. And the final thing, there is only 3x3 boxes or 9 categories. If im not mistaken thats 9! 9 factorial number of combinations. The point is I think its easier to guess then a traditional hard password. Also by talking to a victim a little bit, you can pretty much tell if the user is interested in airplanes and cars.
The cool thing about this system in relation to web 2.0 is that it introduces a new concept. An idea based on visual memory. Personally i think visual memory will be going pretty pretty far in the close future.
For this product, i think its a good statt but its just not there yet. What do you think?

Susan said...

yeah - I get the 9 category thing - but I think they're into something. Visual memory - image assocaition.

Second you're assuming the ":ASSASIN" has spoken to the "victim". That an actual conversation has taken place.
not sure.

Also if it's visual - and image association - then you're introducing emotion. And no, I think computers can't decode -no less interpret emotion. But that's just me.You might be right. It might be very early for these guys. But It's a very unique approach - no?

Roman said...

yes i do agree with you on the visual part. Like i said in the original response that I see the visual memory not very far off. I mean one day keyboards won't exist and we would need to somehow authenticate users. One way is voice authentication, eye auth, and last if not least this new memory image authentication. The only thing im concerned is that if someone really needed a reason to hack me, the way they would do it is by social engineer me into very simple subjects of what do you like to do for fun? what are your hobbies? Do you like flying?
So im just concerned how safe this type of authentication really is.

Simon Mosheshvili said...

Wow I did not know we were attending Web 3.0 LOL :-) great job guys I love it.

One think is to consider is that they are integrating their product with Open Id but for some reason there sells guy who I talked to, had not hared of Microsoft Passport.

In nutshell i think they got a good idea more like Web 3.0 not Web 2.0 but they are quite far away and hopefully they get there.