Sunday, April 15, 2007

1st day at San Francisco.

Simon and I arrived at the airport about 1 pm pacific time. The weather was dull but not that bad. The sun came out towards the end of the day to invite us into this beautiful and fascinating city. We took the limo aka taxi to our hotel room which was about 30 minutes away from the airport. The view was not what I expected through the windows of this yellow-greenish cab. It almost seemed like driving on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn NY. The driver refused to switch into the faster way due to our safety, yet in non traffic areas he was doing 80 – 85 mph.
As we entered the main town, my view of the previous monotonous city changed. Suddenly different unique building emerged in front of us. We were excited to check into our rooms and proceed out to explore this beautiful town. As we entered the crowded streets, our eyes widened and crossed each other as we tried to absorb the beautiful architecture of medium size sky scrapers. Right away we noticed that this town is still being built as new construction buildings with crazy design were popping out everywhere we looked. We didn’t know where to go but we knew that we were really hungry after a 6 hour flight with JetBlue airlines. Apparently JetBlue doesn’t allow food onboard and I thought I was picky about people eating in my car.
We walked around different blocks looking for a place to sit down. Literally we passed the same block at least 3 times and asked about 5 people on where we can enjoy some decent food. There are many places but finding a good sushi place was hard. But an hour later we were rewarded with a nice looking Japanese Sushi Boat place. This place had some boats floating around in water with sushi on them, and you can grab what you like. Pretty interesting idea I guess. The sushi was fresh but you can’t compare to the sushi places back in Brooklyn or Manhattan.
After we ate we decided to visit the coolest thing that we though which San Francisco had to offer… Alcatraz Island. Boy were we wrong. Even though Alcatraz Island sounded fun, the coolest things just began. For one, cable trolleys were a blast. There is nothing like hanging on to a poll going 40 mph with a giant camera bag on your back 1 inch away from other trolleys or parked cars. The cable trolley took us to the fisherman's wharf. Supposedly that is where we needed to go to book a tour of Alcatraz Island. As we rode this remarkably old, old trolley we really had a lesson on old transportation. The trolley operators were nice, friendly and funny people. There was time, when the trolley stopped in the middle of intersection for 5 minutes while the trolley operators switched places. Not one car that was on that intersection honked and patiently waited for the trolley to move. If this was New York city, I can’t imagine what would happen. The second coolest thing was the streets. Im not really a fan of streets but these streets had a 90 degree slopes. You can just smell the burning clutches of the cars trying to climb these monstrous mountain roads.
As we go to the fisherman's wharf, we were breath taken. The view of Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz Island in the same peripheral image was amazing. This boardwalk type of street was like mini Broadway. There were thousands of people moving around, there were hundred of stores and performers on almost every street. It was a photographers dream land/composition. I’m not going to describe further because its 12 am and I’m really tired, plus pictures can tell one gabillion-thousand-million words. To summarize this, Alcatraz Island trips were sold out till Tuesday and we weren’t able to visit the actual jail. *sad* However we had fun walking around and checking out different stores and taking hundred of pictures. I can tell you from the first day experience, I think I can live here.  I hope someone else can shed some light on their first day while I start typing up my first day at WEB 2.0 conference.
Hopefully you weren’t bored by this post, and will comment on it and if you were; sorry I can’t give you back those 5 minutes of your life.


pgmod said...

Sounds awesome Roman. Where are the pictures? If you have time, check out Golden Gate Park

Roman said...

Thanks, I haven't uploaded them because they are big, and i need to shrink them. I'll try to upload some today. I guess its time for me to try flicker. :).

Oh Word said...

great write-up.

makes me want to go back!

Roman said...

thanks man, Yea this place is awsome, but no need to go back. WEB 3.0 is about us bring San Francisco to you.

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