Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More notes from the Widget session

Using Widget Syndication
for Online Marketing and Measurement

Ceo of Widgetbox – widgetizing the web.

Widgets – Why they work for marketing – They are contextual and personal, social, visual and interactive and viral.

The different types of Widget users with examples.
Self Expression – flickr widget
Site enhancement – google maps
Ads and Commerce – amazon.com (this type kicked off the widget craze) Widgets came about as part of advertising dynamically showing on pages.

Overview strategy for a Widget
Build – Distribute – Promote – Track – Monetize (business value)

How to Launch a widget
- Widget sites and SEO
- Cross Promotion
- Packaging
- Tap the Blogger and Social Network Power Users
- “In the Wild?” and just promoting it to your community.

Is Your Widget Successful?
- Pay Attention to widget metrics
- How many sites and domains
- What about unique users
- Content and context - What kind of page is the widget on?

Look at the services that Widgetbox offers to see if they can help us. Simon spoke with after their presentation.

Go to their site, search a widget that you would like to use, - edit the widget (content and design).

On a site that has one of their widgets - Click on add a widget (on the widget) enter site name that you would like to put it on, choose the section on site you would like it. It asks you for your Login and PW to your site and it ads it there without you having to cut and paste or even be on your site. Next time you go to your site it’s there. They did a few examples and this was very cool.

Birth of the Widgetshpere – is this here to stay? How to launch a strategy
Part of a fundamental change in the web

Other sites – Hi5, friendster, bebo, myspace,

Widget is a STAND ALONE product. Do not use it as a banner ad to drive people somewhere else.

Does your Widget have:
Shelf Life – like Television – “new content” just change the channel
Or flyer – short shelf life – less desirable

Promotion – be specific. Make sure they know you have widgets. Tell them the value, don’t lead with “We have widgets” because people don’t know what they are.

- views
- domains

- standard events
- custom events

- audience reception
- page location
- adoption path
- velocity

Update your widget!!!!

Widget creators
- standards
- metrics
- distribution
- security
- monetization
- portability

Look into clearspring
1 create
2 distribute
3 analyze
4 update



Geoff Garcia said...

Whats the difference between a widget, gadget and portlet?

Roman said...

widget is something used on blogs, or in webpages. A gadget is somethign microsoft created with their sidebar gadgets. I guess gadget is more desktop oriented then a widget since a widget is on the website. Im not sure what portlet is. I guess its a module designed for a portal or a blog or any other pre-build application.