Wednesday, April 18, 2007

High Performance Web pages

Excellent presentation! Steve Souders seems to be very knowledgeable and cool of Yahoo! to open up the community their work.

More details on their blog site:

The 14 [so far] best practices are as below-

* Rule 1 - Make Fewer HTTP Requests
* Rule 2 - Use a Content Delivery Network
* Rule 3 - Add an Expires Header
* Rule 4 - Gzip Components
* Rule 5 - Put CSS at the Top
* Rule 6 - Move Scripts to the Bottom
* Rule 7 - Avoid CSS Expressions
* Rule 8 - Make JavaScript and CSS External
* Rule 9 - Reduce DNS Lookups
* Rule 10 - Minify JavaScript
* Rule 11 - Avoid Redirects
* Rule 12 - Remove Duplicate Scripts
* Rule 13 - Turn Off ETags
* Rule 14 - Make AJAX Cacheable and Small

More details on Souders site:

They says in the loading of a webpage, ~5% of the time spend for HTML page -which will sum up the CGI processing- and rest of them are for images, css, javascript etc. If you manage to reduce 50% of time for the front end, it will result in 50% of the user response time which will be a great result.

I liked the tool they used to analyze the web page loading time. It is IBM page detailer could be expensive. Not sure if there is any freeware available.

Also was impressed by the Firefox extension yslow which ranks the page and suggests ways for improvement.

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